Cruz-Araneta, Gemma. 50 Years in Hollywood: The USA Conquers the Philippines. Makati: Cruz Publishing, 2019.

Public History and the American Colonial Period

Author: Wogie T. Pacala




The historical field has two approaches: academia and dissemination to the public. There are academic and public historians who wrote extensively about history, where the former would write specialized papers while the latter would employ a relatively similar and/or general approach to history in the form of short essays. Regardless of content and the mode of writing, both of them are conveying thoughts from the past and retelling what has transpired. The author of the book being reviewed is a public historian and journalist, and her approach to public history focuses on different facets of the American Colonial Period in the Philippines.

Author’s Bionote

Wogie T. Pacala is working as a Teacher in Las Piñas City, and serving as a Researcher at the Bayanikasan Research Foundation. He is an alumnus of Bachelor of Arts in History at the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Santo Tomas. He was of the fourth batch (Batch 2018) of the said program, serving as one of the Class Presidents. His undergraduate thesis was entitled, “The Impossible Dream? Philippine Federalism from 1971 to 2010.” He has been working as a Senior High School Teacher, teaching various Social Sciences subjects. He’s still pursuing research pertaining to political history, and continues on reading widely in various topics in the discipline and other related fields.

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