Volume 4 Number 1 June 2021

Enthusiasts of history, on behalf of the editorial board, it is with great pride that we present to you the first issue for the year 2021. This issue marks another significant milestone for the journal as we publish its fourth volume in modest pursuit of historical research and discourse.

Glossing the meaning of this issue’s front cover, the artistic and colorful mural of clasped hands is laden with many symbolisms alluding to the significance of ugnayan. The melding of different colors, the act of clasping, the state of holding another’s hand—all of them correlated by meaning, act, and state despite variation, difference, and interpretation to unveil an impactful significance and a refined image. This is similar to the diverse topics and discussions offered by this issue, wherein the articles provide glimpses and articulations of different aspects of human life just as the colorfulness of the mural and the literally clasp of hands tells us of something profound such as care, love, or unity



Adrian Kyle A. Vergara is one of the Managing Editors of TALA. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in History at the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School. He obtained his undergraduate degree in History from the same university.