1. Each submission must contain the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Institutional Affiliation
  • Short Bio Note of the Author/s

2. The manuscript must be fashioned in this way as to maintain uniformity of the journals:

a. Calibri or Times New Roman, font size 12

b. Spacing:

  • Abstract: Single Space
  • Body: Double Spaced

c. Pagination: Lower Right (no page number for the first page)

d. Indention for every paragraph

e. Submit in MS Word document format

f. Recommended Length of Manuscripts:

  • Articles – 8000 to 10000 words or less
  • Review Article – 8000 words or less
  • Book Review – 3000 words or less

g. Citation Format: Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition

3. The Following elements are expected to be present in the manuscript:

a. Abstract

  • Maximum of 300 Words
  • Maximum of five (5) Keywords in Abstract

b.   Main Body

c.   Bibliography

4. Authors may write in Academic English or Filipino and should strictly avoid code-switching and slang terminologies.

5. All Articles will undergo a double-blind review process. Any manuscript detected to have violated the integrity and originality of the work (such as plagiarism) shall be forfeited.

6. The rights over the submitted articles shall be given to the publisher of the journal with due respect and acknowledgment for its authors.

7. All articles should be submitted to the website (see Submit your Papers here under Submissions page). Submitted works shall receive an email to confirm receipt of the file.

8. Articles that have passed the standard of excellence and demonstrated scholarly aptitude shall be accepted and thus added to the upcoming Journal Volume to be published.

9. Authors can monitor the status of the review and editing process through their dashboards.

Download the Guidelines Here.