Salvador Araneta as Examined and Re-examined



Salvador Araneta, Nationalism, public intellectual, intellectual history, historiography


Salvador Araneta had a multi-faceted career as a lawyer, constitutionalist government official, civic leader, public intellectual, and corporate leader. What is remarkable about his career is that he left a great number of his writings, spanning 60 years. From his student years at the Ateneo and the University of Santo Tomas, up to his last days, writing on Mosquito Press providing an alternative to the prevailing regime. Scholars and writers alike have written about him, in every part of his career. This review with some notes aims to provide an overview of the study of Araneta’s ideas as part of intellectual history and the history of the conceptualization of Philippine nationalism. 

Author Biography

Wogie Pacala, University of the Philippines Diliman

Wogie T. Pacala took up his Bachelor’s degree in History at the University of Santo Tomas Manila and currently pursuing his Master’s degree in the same discipline at the University of the Philippines Diliman. He serves as the Researcher and Archivist at the Bayanikasan Research Foundation, Inc., and is currently the President of the Caloocan Historical and Cultural Studies Association, Inc. His research interests are archival studies, Philippine political history, Bikol studies, and the local history of Caloocan. He can be reached through 




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