Development of Banana Export Industry in Davao Region


  • Theresa Mae E. Gallardo University of the Philippines Mindanao


Banana, Industry, Export, Cavendish, Trade


The export banana industry is one of the economic drivers of the Davao region with the presence of vast and rich lands suitable for growing export quality bananas. The province was dubbed as the “Banana Capital of the Philippines” because of its bulk production of bananas with the highest production of 894.63 thousand metric tons representing 37.4% of the total banana output in September 2019. Data from the Department of Agriculture Davao Region showed that the export banana industry had a 56% in export, amounting to a value of $1.128 million in 2018 that, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), was attributed to the expansion of banana plantations in the region. Moreover, PSA reports that bananas ranked fourth with $140.91 million and a 2.5% share of the total export receipt in June 2018. The top destination of export Cavendish banana is Japan.
This study intends to provide an historical account of the banana export industry in the region of Davao. Recounting from the decline of the abaca plantation that has led to the shift and emergence of banana producing plantations to its first commercial shipment to Yokohama, Japan in 1964. Moreover, the series of studies conducted by the Japanese firms and the US multinational companies such as the Department of Labor and Employment, Del Monte, United Brands, and Chiquita in the region paved the way for the foundation and eventual growth of the industry until the present.

Author Biography

Theresa Mae E. Gallardo, University of the Philippines Mindanao

Theresa Mae E. Gallardo, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor 6 teaching KAS I, Mindanao Studies, and PI 100 at University of the Philippines Mindanao. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in History at Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology in Iligan City. She is also a graduate of Master of Arts in Islamic Studies and Doctor of Philosophy in History both from University of the Philippines – Diliman. Her professional interests include local history, Muslims in the Philippines, and Philippine history.




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