Contemplating Instances of Kapampangan Heritage Projected in Two, 2019 San Fernando Lantern Displays



Giant Lantern Festival 2019, San Fernando, Heroes Hall, Kapampangan, International Year of Indigenous Languages


This paper covers a close reading of lantern displays from two locations in San Fernando --- Heroes Hall & Park and the Giant Lantern Festival of 2019. It is proposed here that the displays have references coincidentally or deliberately nodding to the theme of the United Nations General Assembly in the program of reaffirming and promoting heritage, which includes language, as proclaimed in the International Year of Indigenous Languages.
In addition, the close reading gains its substance from historical and cultural contexts influencing the reception of lantern designs, as well as a proposed step formula which breaks down gimmicks into subjects, structure, symbols on the iconographic level, and form-qualities, which are in turn organized via visual-kinesthetic and cultural group thematic classification. Furthermore, in some instances applicable, several ruminations are included on the topic of alternate discourses suggested for the design.

Author Biography

Dominique Angela Juntado, Far Eastern University Manila

The author has two degrees in Political Science from the University of Santo Tomas. She has earned her doctorate in Social & Cultural Anthropology from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Her research interests range from political culture & theory and heritage studies. Her research passions involve educational entertainment (with emphasis on the interactive and video games), ‘playable’ research, and meditative gameplay. She is presently a facilitator at Far Eastern University Manila.




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Juntado, D. A. “Contemplating Instances of Kapampangan Heritage Projected in Two, 2019 San Fernando Lantern Displays”. TALA: An Online Journal of History, vol. 3, no. 1, June 2020,