Editor’s Note (Volume III, Number 2)



Enthusiasts of history, on behalf of the editorial board, we are pleased to present to you TALA’s second issue for the year 2020. This issue’s theme, as reflected in the articles, revolves around the richness and significance of cultural relations. Specifically, the articles in this issue deal with our cultural ties with the West and Asia. The same can be said for the book reviews, as the reviewers assess works that tackle the Philippines’ ties with the United States, a country that once colonized the Philippines, and Australia, a nearby country whose cultural ties with us are often unspoken of.

The issue cover is symbolic of the Philippines' colorful history, a representation of our country’s struggle against colonialism and towards the realization of independence. It represents the response of the Filipinos to the imposition of colonial rule, which, undoubtedly, is a past remembered for blood, revolution, and patriotism.

Author Biography

Adrian Kyle Vergara, University of Santo Tomas Graduate School

Adrian Kyle A. Vergara is one of the Managing Editors of TALA. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in History at the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School. He obtained his undergraduate degree in History from the same university.




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