Editor's Note Volume V, Number 1



Enthusiasts of history, it is with pride and honor that we bring you once more a new issue of TALA: An Online Journal of History. Now in its fifth year, we would like to present new research outputs in history. 

This issue focuses on the continued relevance of studying and writing history. The pandemic revealed the vulnerabilities of our current society, especially in disseminating information and validating the authenticity and truthfulness of facts. This problem has been exacerbated by the widespread use of social media, which has been used as a tool to misinform the great majority of the people. Hence, people are now confused about distinguishing what is right from wrong and what is valid from not. With these current challenges, we are then called back to our roots and redeem the lost knowledge of the past. This journal's objective is to unravel the pieces of knowledge hidden in the past through publishing scholarly and well-researched articles that counter the elements of historical distortion and negation. 

Author Biographies

Emmanuel Jeric A. Albela, Department of History, University of Santo Tomas

Emmanuel Jeric A. Albela is a faculty member under the Department of History from the Faculty of Arts and Letters, University of Santo Tomas with a rank of Assistant Professor 4. He is a Licensed Professional Teacher who has experienced handling students from primary to tertiary level. He obtained his Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in History (2006), Master in History, cum laude (2008), and Doctor of Philosophy in History (2021) with his doctoral dissertation entitled: "The Passage of Republic Act 1425: Contextualizing Rizal, Nationalism, and La Leyenda Negra - Its Unintended Consequence" with a grade of benemeritus (magna cum laude), all from the University of Santo Tomas. He has published historical studies and delivered papers in local and international conferences on education, food culture, economic history and Asian history. He is the founder, publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of TALA: An Online Journal of History.
Albela is also serving the University as student affairs practitioner being the Student Welfare and Development Coordinator of the UST Conservatory of Music since 2012.

Adrian Kyle A. Vergara, University of Santo Tomas Graduate School

Adrian Kyle A. Vergara is one of the Managing Editors of TALA. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in History at the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School. He obtained his undergraduate degree in History from the same university.




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