Volume 3 Number 1 June 2020

TALA: An Online Journal of History releases five articles that dwell on different areas of history which will appeal to the variegated interests of our readers. Aside from these articles, there is also a book review which can prove useful for readers who are interested in Public History.

The artistically crafted journal cover presents an image of a woman deprived of her agency, freedom, and, in turn, a part of her humanity. Strings hold this blindfolded woman captive to the whims of an unseen dominant figure or authority standing far above others. Although such an imagery may be a grim symbolism of an abuse of power and control, the discomfort one may feel ought to serve as a reminder to be prudent in our decisions, steadfast in our beliefs, and aware of that which violates our freedom and the freedom of others – a reminder that collectively we can break free.



Adrian Kyle A. Vergara is one of the Managing Editors of TALA. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in History at the University of Santo Tomas Graduate School. He obtained his undergraduate degree in History from the same university.